– the day's happenings in perspective –


It is a little bit awry  for anyone to feel that the local government had not committed itself to the  immediate help for the typhoon victims’  yearning  at the earliest time. Problems rolled out when the influx of local and international donations in kind, cash and pledges poured in at TV stations and government offices and at some point, private residences. While there were, more or less, 9 million residents affected, there were a million survivors  seeking refuge in their ravaged makeshift  homes under the harsh and dangerous condition of the weather.  Rains, storm surge, floods and other ugly upshots  brought about by the fierce forces of the angry Yolanda winds draw on confusion and havoc which left the local government to its knees.

Being the strongest typhoon that hit the country, its devastation was also great leaving behind the Visayas in ruins.

Roads were impassable due to fallen trees, electric posts and other debris  knocked out by the super typhoon.  Unwanted and  over-speeding wind of Yolanda overtook communication lines and power. All forms of transportations were suspended. Deaths lined the streets and other places of destruction. Everywhere on the horizon was a picture of  “war-torn” paradise.

Countries  around the world gave their donations, prayers and sympathies, likewise, from the overseas workers.

Was this  caused by climate change?


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