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“Mangroves of Villa Igang”

Villa Igang, in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, hosts some of the endangered habitats of fishes and other marine wildlife. It makes use of mangroves to protect roads and pathways from soil erosion. It’s good to see that this area have not been cleared for shrimp farming, subdivision development and other tourist related facilities.

Villa Igang's mangroves "community".

Villa Igang’s mangroves “community”.

Mangroves have the capacity to absorb CO2, storing carbon in the process in their sedimentary wastes. The plants’ numerous roots which arise from stems are aerial and submerged anchoring them in place. Since their roots inter-tangle one another, they filter water borne silts and debris, heavy metal pollutants and sewage and other toxic substances making them natural filters of catching sediments washed downstreams that facilitate soil accretion
underneath them. Other marine lives are sheltered and fed in their roots’ complex growth which served as their nesting place and survival. Mangroves Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea thrives in Villa Igang’s estuaries and lagoons making it a resort with green belts.057


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