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“The Lonely Seat”

the seat was bare and empty

no busy souls dared to occupy

the row was a little far and lonely

“I don’t want it”, said the little guy


the hours, minutes, and the seconds keep

beating and ticking, I came from a shallow sleep

hurry, if nobody wanted that lone little seat

reserve, for me, hoping there’s no lice beneath


that vacant seat no one had it so envious

now, there was one, the value was so precious

then, nobody wanted it for comfort

now, everyone needed it for sort


no one appreciated the value it’s worth

’till the need was up, the little use was work

no use in one’s little eyes, consider it gaudy

’till I sit my tired and frail human body


regained, a little strength, after I rested

time to stand, say goodbye for having me seated

now I’ll leave you and again you’ll be lonely

serve anybody, a hero in your humble capacity.

"the lonely ugly seat"

“the lonely ugly seat”



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