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“TO TRIUMPH” by : rhum sellers

We come to You after a mile walk
We didn’t ask for words but You talk
We didn’t have to think but You read the thought
We didn’t even raised our voice but You fought

We come to You for You could make a stand
To bless us and all Men in this Holy land
We didn’t even tell we’ve sinned but You forgave
We ask You Lord, for us to be saved


We didn’t even wish for gold but You shared
Now we come to thank You ’cause You cared

We come to You and together we prayed
For the earthly sins that we have made
We didn’t even hope for some eternal graces
But You bestowed on us those tender aces

As we come to You nearer and holier
Our lives’ then, befits a sinner
Have Mercy on us Your children, we ask
Please don’t give us another dying task

We are not sure of what the future would do
To follow the distorted way, and make a rescue
Please don’t let our spirit hopelessly tear us apart
To tread the mutilated, warped and twisted thorny path

But we know you’ll light the candles and walk with us
To brave the storms and lightning, uncertain of the tasks
So we’re here in search for quick and easy solutions
To untangle the knot and straighten unfit dispositions

Expansion of vision didn’t bring us to right conclusions
So give strength in us, we’ll fight with Your given solutions

So now we come to You and beg
For our strength in faith and strength in our legs
To carry on with noble toughness and holy might
And bring victory and honor with a gallant fight

Now bless us, our fight to carry on
To show to the devil we could fight on and on
‘Till darkness will vanish and disappear all along
We will not fear to triumph against an evil throne.




05.12.13 - 1







3 responses

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  3. I really enjoyed listening to this video. Great words and praise to the LORD!

    2014-11-08 at 4:07 pm

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