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Throwback: My Favourite Destinations in 2014


2014 has been a blast for me. I’d really like to do it justice by savouring my memories slowly, going through the best of them. Travel-wise, I’ve really been blessed in the past year. I’ve been to India (and also live there now), China, UK, Ireland, UAE, and my lovely home Singapore.

So to round up the year, here are the top 5 favourite destinations I’ve been blessed to have experienced:

#1 – Scotland. Rugged landscape, beautiful lochs, and medieval castles are only some of the awesome experiences Scotland has to offer. Edinburgh itself may possibly be one of my favourite cities of all time. Add to that bagpipers and hairy coos, and Scotland seals the deal for my top destination in 2014. See more here and here.

Photo credit: Juxxtapose Bagpiper in front of Eileen Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands | Photo credit: Juxxtapose

#2 – Ireland. To…

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