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Shake Shack on Peachtree Rd. in Atlanta Serving Kid’s Size Burgers

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I heard that Shake Stack was a hot spot in New York and decided to go to the franchise in Atlanta. I was extremely disappointed. Firstly, it was in a highly upscale plaza, but when you enter persons are practically sitting on top of each other. They definitely needed a bigger spot.

Also, combos are not available. Everything has to be ordered separately, hence hiking the price. Perhaps their burgers are considered gourmet, since one of the least expensive burgers that I ordered, the Shack Burger costed $4.99US that was a regular cheese burger. Friesn costing $2.90 US and my Strawberry shake ($5.15US) was additional. So I exprected a decent size burger with the name, ‘Shack Burger’. When it arrived, it looked like a slider! The Shack Stack Burger (Veggie burger with Portobello Mushrooms) for $9.15US that my friend ordered was practically the same size, with the patty being slightly…

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