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What’s that? Boa constrictor slinks out of San Diego toilet

FOX 61

(CNN) — It rose up from the sewer, but it was more eeeeek! than eeeew!

It’s hard to explain how a 5-foot boa constrictor nosed its way up into a toilet through the down-pipe in a San Diego office building Wednesday.

Apparently, no one was sitting on it at the time.

When Stephanie Lacsa walked into the bathroom at her public relations company, she noticed that the toilet water level was higher than usual. So, she went at it with a plunger.

It worked. Something brown appeared in the toilet. Bad enough, but then it kept on coming.

“As soon I saw the flicker of its tongue, I definitely knew that it was in fact a large snake heading straight towards me,” she said.


She ran out of the bathroom screaming and taped its door shut. Then animal control got the call to come out and take care of…

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