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The healing meditation


Our body and our being function with an energy, which moves like a bioelectric current within us.  When everything, within us, functions perfectly, we can hear a ‘hum’ arise out of our being ——- THE SOUND OF HEALTH.  Energy, electricity, sounds —– this is the play of the trinity in our being.
A rhythmic ‘hum’, means that our being is in good health.  When it’s discordant, we should know that it’s in ‘chaos’. What is true of our being is true of the cosmos.  Ancient sages, who illuminated us about the universe, meditated first to experience the oshosame within themselves.  Physicists say sound is merely modification of electricity.  Yogis say electricity is merely modification of sound.  Both are true.  Sound and Electricity are two forms of the same phenomenon.  Call it electricity or sound, call it fire like Heraclitus or water like Lao Tzu ……. All these are merely forms…

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