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The world’s largest Mongolian boot…

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Genghis Khan statue Genghis Khan statue

Our last day trip in Mongolia was to see, among other things, the world’s largest Mongolian boot. In reality, we were travelling not too far out of Ulaanbaatar to bear witness to an enormous statue to their beloved leader, Genghis Khan (who else).

View from the monastery View from the monastery

The ride was the usual Mongolian journey, sometimes over tarmac and sometimes over rocky roads, the landscape almost untouched by the hand of man. En route, we stopped first at a small Buddhist monastery in a national park. The climb up the the monastery was filled with boards quoting Buddhist scriptures. They warned of the doom and gloom awaiting all those who don’t follow correct teachings, which to us was incongruous with our limited understanding of Buddhism as the religion of peace. In which case, the boards served their purpose well but enlightening us all the more. Perhaps our favourite…

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