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Iligan city 08-28-14, Eden natureresort,08-27-14 020 (2)                                                           08-24-14 davao city 097 (2)


round and jointed,

sometimes thorny

mostly all are hollow

colored green and yellow


the largest grass,

tall and woody

with the wind’s repeated wrath,

sways  back with vengeance


never to surrender

being ligneous, i praise

as your grains and tiny fibers

hold you back in place


as the lives of men

continue to struggle

survive the devil’s den

of everyday’s battle


the visible monument

of everyday’s hero

striving for contentment

this, a survivor’s coo


some lives are nurtured

in a penumbra of  spaces

making it a safe haven

for escaping defenseless preys


you’re a grass they call bamboo

a tree to some and it’s quite true

a simple plant  taller than you


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