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the hut owner blog



when i opened the fridge

bottles of water i found

i opened the upper floor

the ice melted at the door


there are more spaces

of  air and vacancies

five months old candies

and some expiring goodies


when i opened myself

what did i find

blood,bones, intestines,

flesh, muscles, ligaments,

bile, lungs, liver, heart

gall bladder, and all that make a man


when you opened yourself to me

and the whole of you

what did i find

a beating heart  with my name engraved

a running blood  my  name  it spelled

a hearing ear that hears only me

a mouth that speaks the good of me

a tongue that taste the food you chew

a nose that breath the air that blew

the intestines and stomach that digest

the food you take upon request

the  summary of the whole  you

i am you and you…

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