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“Turn off the lights”

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“Turn Off The Lights”

This day could be boring!

Staying all alone in my room all day in front of my lap-top browsing my Facebook account, down loading and
uploading pictures, and intruding someone else’s account, flipping through pages of current events on Yahoo
and everything I could drop by at some blogs.

Just sitting on my bed looking at the screen of a lap-top could be tiring. Eating and taking a piss were
strenuous things to do.

I’ve just eaten my lunch at 4 PM. Just eaten a bulb of pomelo with salt. Just munched some crackers. Just
wrecked a piece of chocolate candy in my mouth. Just gulped a glass of mineral water.

So, what else could I do?

At my lap-top, after so many pages of skimming through it, I came across my own blog site and decided to
scrutinized how am I doing with it. Oh…

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