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Idling to warm up engine doesn’t help your car

FOX 61

NORTH HAVEN- There’s not need to idle your car for any longer than 30 seconds according to both the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The claim is that idling past 30 seconds is an old habit based on old information.

Many of us have long been told that drivers need to warm up their cars before driving in cold conditions.

But federal recommendations show that notion is wrong.

Many drivers start their engines in advance of driving and let their cars idle for five, ten or fifteen minutes. Other drivers let it sit even longer – perhaps while they drink their coffee and shower before work.

But the Dept. of Energy says warming up your car by idling longer than 30 seconds before you start driving has no benefit.

They write:

  • Avoid idling. Think about it — idling gets you 0 miles per gallon. The best…

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