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Scientists find way to make hard boiled eggs not-hard boiled

FOX 61

IRVINE, Calif.–Sometimes you just want a runny egg and some bread to sop it up in.

Chemists at the University of California, Irvine and from Australia have devised a way to unboil egg whites.

You may ask why would someone want to do this, but the research, which was published in ChemBioChem, says it would help reduce costs for cancer treatments, food production and “other segments of the $160 billion global biotechnology industry.”

“Yes, we have invented a way to unboil a hen egg,” said Gregory Weiss, a professor of chemistry and molecular biology and biochemistry at UC Irvine. “In our paper, we describe a device for pulling apart tangled proteins and allowing them to refold. We start with egg whites boiled for 20 minutes at 90 degrees Celsius and return a key protein in the egg to working order.”

The research has wide-reaching potential beyond eggs. The process essentially…

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