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Anglo-Indian cuisine


Among the many influences, left behind by the British Raj on its former colony —– India —– one of the most endearing one perhaps is the tradition of Anglo Indian Cuisine.
Spices, ingredients and their style of cooking were seamlessly married with the very ‘propah’ British pies, roasts and puddings to CREATE A WHOLE NEW VISTA..  With dishes like Jalfrezi, Chingree Samosa and Railway Pudding, a whole new cuisine and culture emerged with the Anglo Indian community.  It was curious yet wholly inspiring —– a mix of Brit and Indian cuisine together.  Perhaps, more popular in parts of India that had British settlements namely Bengaluru, Kolkota and Mumbai, where Anglo Indian communities live, the cuisine has core spices that lend the dishes an unusual flavour that set it apart from typically Indian.  And the Anglo Indian cuisine stand apart.
Some of the regularly used meats were chicken, beef, lamb and…

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