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Good days, good music and lost dreams of Utopia


Dear Brothers and sisters

You are gone and I’m here. We fought side by side in war and in life. I left you to fight alone. You die on a faraway battlefield.


I have cried many tears for you my friend. So many brothers and sisters lost to war had left me standing alone. Now I sit alone by the field of snow. I pray your children are okay. I pray to God. Please stop war. Allow the children of my world to have shelter, enough food and war. A distance scary nightmare.

hands2When will we learn? Every life is worthwhile. Time to lead with kindness, love and concern. Not hate, separation and fear of color and belief. This is one planet and one people. We must protect kind nature and ensure every child is safe. Old dreams not forgotten. Just blocks by greed and hateful leaders.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????It will take…

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