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UPDATE From Taiwan: TransAsia Airways Plane Engine Went Idle

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Courtesy: YouTube

Facing media cameras, the family of Huang Dun-Fu is screaming about TransAsia Airways. One brother in another family was able to recognize his brother’s body by the jacket he gave at the airport.

The third day since TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crash into Keelong River in Taipei, Taiwan, more details from the flight data recorder were revealed via Aviation Safety Council’s news conference on Friday.

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According to Associated Press, ASC’s Executive Director Thomas Wang provided a possible timeline of what happened:

  • 37 seconds after take off: The plane’s right engines went idle, and triggered an alarm. The data shows it didn’t shut down and didn’t change oil pressure.
  • 46 seconds later: The pilot turned off the left engine before restarting it so neither engines was producing power.
  • 72 seconds later: The plane crashed.

cna.com.tw TransAsia Airways Taiwan plane crash

Wang believes…

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