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Day 5 Memories of My Forgotten Childhood


Just my simple reflection for today:

Many things are flying all over my mind. I know that I’m old-fashioned and I prefer writing my concerns and wishes die instead of sharing them with others. It’s kind of selfish, I guess. This selfishness is eating me whole.

Insecurities sometimes linger as I try to pick myself up. Tried to plan my whole life, but I fell hard. Now, I don’t even give a damn. Or so I think.

My worries and dreams at written, but my body fails to react due to my sense of procrastination. Laziness at its best, coated with insecurities. I ended up with a selfish personality afraid to completely share. Scared even more to explore and act to reach my dreams and hope… I hope. I pray. I scream for rescue!
There’s no voice. No sound. Not a slight echo.

My hands are trembling, finding recognition. The…

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