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This Documentary Exposes The Dark Side Of Japan’s Internet Cafes

Jetset Times


Courtesy: Vimeo

If you’ve been to Japan, you’ve probably spent a few days fixated on its animated popular culture: cosplay in Harajuku, praying at the temple in Asakusa, or singing your heart out at karaoke. Then, you probably came to discover a darker side of Japan when your train was often delayed because of suicides, or white-collar workers barfing on the side of the street by 9pm due to excessive drinking if they’re not already passed out on a park bench.

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Director Shiho Fukada’s 10-minute documentary delivers a stirring side of Japan, uncovering life of a 24-hour Internet cafe world. Net Cafe Refugees opens your eyes to an underground but a very real side of Japan full of obsession, chain-smoking, a stonewalled lifestyle attracting a huge local population.

These internet cafes (sometimes called manga kissa or kissaten because it’s also…

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