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Boycott Saudi Arabia as an apartheid state – Tufail Ahmad

Bharata Bharati

Tufail Ahmad“Islam is an assault on women’s identity: in Indian towns we see girls as young as two being forced to wear veil. The veil is not a piece of cloth; it represents a father’s ideology that shapes how women are forced to interact with others. It curbs women’s aspirations. Saudi women can be unilaterally divorced by husbands, much as Indian Muslim wives can be divorced unilaterally through triple talaq, fully approved by the Sharia-compliant Indian state.” – Tufail Ahmad

Public beheading in Saudi ArabiaIt may escape our attention but Saudi Arabia is perhaps the only country named after an individual—Saud bin Muhammad, the father of Muhammad bin Saud who in alliance with Islamic preacher Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab founded the Saudi state in the 18th century. The contemporary Saudi Arabia was unified in 1932 by Abdul Aziz bin Saud who wrested the control of Hejaz, comprising the holy cities of Mecca and Medina…

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