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7 Tips For Beating Writer’s Block

Thought Catalog

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Just start typing.

Type what you’re wearing- in my case, an unusually nice sweater-shirt with stripes I got on sale- or anything. Anything. Because once you have something down, momentum takes over. Maybe you care where I was when I got this shirt. Maybe you don’t. Maybe I do. Maybe I’ll start to tell the story and I’ll start lying, taking a pivot into another direction.

The point is, writing is a little like digging. Waiting for inspiration isn’t as effective as working a little bit for it. Write anything and see if it helps.


Zone out.

Stop thinking. Minimize your internet. Get into your zone of writing by getting out of all your other zones, whatever they may be. Internet distractions, for one. But writing should be a form of meditation. It should be something you do to the exclusion of other things. Something done for…

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