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ISIS Proved 2 Historic Facts ! / (1) The Arabs Are Blindly Divided And despise Each Other Venomously ! / (2) Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion,It created The Bloodest Enmity Between Muslims Themselves ! / Paper Armies.(Post # 587)


Let the White House current national advisers read and comprehend .Let the liberal media speaks the truth.Let the disorientate world’s leaders acknowledge the bitter reality not to be like Ostriches hiding their heads in the SAND.

ISIS is exposing the denial of the present times and doing it savagely.Twenty Two Arab countries , a nation of 320 million Muslims , of 2.2 million soldiers and own 1/3 of world wealth are helpless to defeat this plague called ISIS.

DO ARAB HAVE PAPER ARMIES ? Where is their nationalism , their Islamic identity , their patriotism and their uniting faith ? ISIS is tearing their religion to pieces in front of their very eyes .The Arab gulf sheikdoms annually buy worth billions of dollars weapons,tanks,technology and fighter jest from the West ,from China ,from Russia to pile or to supply the Islamic extremists ? Saudi Arabia ,  lately been using it’s…

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    2015-05-22 at 4:13 am

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