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Thinking Aloud: Why Iraq Isn’t Arming the Sunnis

Not What You Might Think

May 30, 2015 by Darius 

The word is that the United States is getting impatient with Iraq over the fight against ISIS.  Specifically, the US is unhappy that Iraq is taking baby steps, at best, towards creating a strong Sunni fighting force to go against ISIS.  But the question remains: why on Earth would the Iraqi government do such a thing?

Despite periodic rhetoric to the contrary, Iraq’s government remains dedicated first and foremost to maintaining the dominant position of the country’s Shia majority.  Although Iraq’s Shias have long been numerically dominant, the country has been ruled by the Sunni minority for centuries.  Made-in-USA democracy brought the Shias to power in 2005.  Ever since, the Shias have been intent on consolidating their hold on power, and the Sunnis have been both ticked off and often downright oppressed.  It is interesting to compare the map of the 2005 Iraqi parliamentary…

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