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Five American Service Men ! / Allah’s Victims .

this is timely, this is really true…!


What Allah is your Allah who commanded you to destroy these innocent souls ?

What Allah would promise luscious rewards for the crimes you commit  ?

Where is his righteousness ? Is shedding bloods is his ultimate goal?

Why your Allah is so extremely partial deforms every beautiful coll  ?

Aren’t we all his creation  and  equal in every aspect in his sight ?

Then Why he divides never unites  and shatters the pole ?

He demands to be obeyed aimlessly ,because he is all and all.

For your Allah’s sake you demolished  5 thousand years old civilization ,

Blindly you  believe all people are deficient  and you are the only whole .

When mercy is absent ,you become a savage and ruthless troll .

The truth will shine like the sun and you will heed the toll.

Sooner or later justice will put an end to your hateful role.

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