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An Evening to Remember

beautiful poem!


Her eyes had a tinge of sadness, ingrained
and her smile, few dabs of a haunting pain,
as if her soul was bleeding but I thought
was it truly so or just weariness,
from a long and arduous day, setting in
on her plain and simple but elegant face!

Although many months have been written down
in the annals of human history
with minute polish and minimum care,
since I saw her last and breathed in her scent,
a mild aroma of sweet lavender,
not a single crease blemished her flawless skin!
I wondered how she could remain so deaf
and unfazed by the woes and glees of life?

Yet, once she started opening up herself,
through the apparent calm of thirty years,
in glimpses I could see the child, dwelling
inside her indifferent demeanor.

Soon I could feel the urge growing on me
to reach out and touch her…

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5 Skills that you can develop with Blogging

So, you gain from blogging… read !

Scribble and Scrawl

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Blogging as a trend is on the rise, with blogs increasingly emerging as a mainstream media platform.

Whereas earlier the Blogosphere in India was heavily dominated by men, but now many women students, homemakers and working women are also entering the blogging arena. The availability of blogging platforms, formation of blogging communities and the widespread use of social media, make it very easy to start a blog.

The ability to express oneself creatively through blogging is a reason that draws many people towards blogging. Blogging provides a means of personal development.

Not only that, some skills acquired from blogging can also be put to use in one’s professional life. Let’s have a look:

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Chinese smartphone makers moving into fast-growing Indian market

Cloud News Asia

IndiaMany Chinese smartphone makers have entered India or are set to make inroads there to take advantage of the country’s rapid growth in demand for smartphones and low labor costs. Leading Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei and Coolpad have expanded into India, while Taiwanese Hon Hai Group, which operates many its factories in China churning out iPhones and iPads for Apple, and Shanghai HuaQin Telecom technology are planning to set up assembly lines in the country.


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Bacon Tomatoes and Okra

Jan's Gluten Free

Bacon Tomatoes and OkraIMG_2224

Don’t worry,this is not slimy. When you add in the tomatoes, the acid breaks down the slime of the okra.

1/2  Pound of GF Bacon

4 Cups Sliced fresh Okra

2 medium Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

1 Small Jalapeno chopped (Optional)

2 Cups cored, peeled and chunked tomatoes ( About 3 medium tomatoes chunked into 1 to 1  ½ inch cubes)

1/2 Teaspoon Salt ( or less if you are watching your salt intake)

I medium skillet fry bacon just until crisp. Remove bacon from grease, to crumble into chunks and reserve for later. Add garlic, jalapeno and sliced okra to grease and fry on medium high heat just until okra is soft and starts to turn brown, stirring so that it cooks evenly. Reduce heat and add tomatoes and salt. Raise heat and let vegetables just come to a simmer. Remove from heat, stir in…

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Five American Service Men ! / Allah’s Victims .

this is timely, this is really true…!


What Allah is your Allah who commanded you to destroy these innocent souls ?

What Allah would promise luscious rewards for the crimes you commit  ?

Where is his righteousness ? Is shedding bloods is his ultimate goal?

Why your Allah is so extremely partial deforms every beautiful coll  ?

Aren’t we all his creation  and  equal in every aspect in his sight ?

Then Why he divides never unites  and shatters the pole ?

He demands to be obeyed aimlessly ,because he is all and all.

For your Allah’s sake you demolished  5 thousand years old civilization ,

Blindly you  believe all people are deficient  and you are the only whole .

When mercy is absent ,you become a savage and ruthless troll .

The truth will shine like the sun and you will heed the toll.

Sooner or later justice will put an end to your hateful role.

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Calling Emily Post: A Blogging Etiquette Roundup

The Daily Post

If you’re a new or recent arrival on the blogging scene, there’s definitely a lot to process: themes! Widgets! Stats! Taglines!

Then there’s the large set of (mostly unwritten) rules that govern the smooth functioning of the blogging community. Just like going to a dinner party in a country where you’ve just landed, you want to make a good first impression, or at the very least not appear like an irredeemable oaf.

Thirsty for more? You can browse our entire archive of blogging etiquette posts.

Being kind to others and asking questions is always your best bet. For more specific cases, though, we’re here to help with some of our most popular posts on blogging etiquette.

The ethical use of others’ content

If you’re a blogger who prefers to restrict access to some or all of your posts, be sure to read about your blog’s privacy settings, as well as…

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How burdensome To Be A Muslim Woman And A Prisoner Of Islam?

A Mixture Of Periodicals

Burka 4

Burka: a symbol of woman abuse, ignorance or prisoner of Islam?

Salia is a Muslim woman and a colleague at work. Unlike many women, she has a different attitude and approach towards her religion. She prays five times daily and does Ramadan every year like every Muslim. But she doesn’t strictly follow Islamic dress codes, such as wearing head covers, signifying principle of modesty.

Salia always tells me how she hates the domination of women by Muslim men. “I respect the Koran, but many Muslims don’t do what the Koran says. Mis-interpretation of the book has caused violence and wickedness among mankind. Every Muslim tries to convince the world that Islam means peace, but they have made the religion the most violent one,” says Salia.

“Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but because of their violent nature, every Muslim is seen as a terrorist,” Aida further stressed. In her early forties…

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Awesome Headlines Unbelievably Boost Traffic, This Is How

You have the greatest gift of TODAY. Invest it wisely !

just another out there !

02:23 AM, Wednesday.

Yesterday one of my very old friends called to say hello. He was a very dear friend of mine back in my Nainital days (Uttaranchal). It was somewhere 2001-02 back then, almost 13 years ago. People call it Uttarakhand today. For me it will be always Uttaranchal. I did my schooling here. I was completely shaken when the name flickered on my cellphone, simply out of the blue he had called.

By the evening one of my college friends argued with me over a call, on how could I miss a wedding of indeed one of my dearest friends. Its hardly 3 years since we left college. His exact words were,” Bhai tu to bada aadmi ban gya. Bahut busy ho gya. Meri bhi shaadi me aayega ki nahi ? “(Brother, you have become big. You are too busy. Will you even care to attend my wedding…

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To Post or Not to Post – UPDATE