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A Croatian To Compete For The UN Secretary-General Position

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatian candidate for UN Secretary General

The wheels are reeling fast towards the day, in about a year, when the world will know who is replacing Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary-General. The race to succeed Ban Ki-moon is well under way as possible candidates line up through the media and political analysts – as potential candidates and the selection process fill the agenda of intense debates. The 2016 appointment will come during these times of the agitating and concerning resurfacing of tensions between East and West – this time over Syria and Ukraine (in particular); in the days many see as cementing a new Cold War between Russia and the West and these tensions continue creating the most difficult challenges the UN has had to face and deal with in more than a generation.

There is no avoiding it: the UN Secretary-General election process, and UN workings generally, will more likely than not become functionally gridlocked…

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Insights: A New View of Your Stats

The WordPress.com Blog

Today we’re introducing a new view of your stats. Insights give you instant access to your all-time numbers, including posts, views, and visitors. Dig deeper into your stats to make the most of your site.

Have you ever wondered what times of day or days of the week you have the most visitors? Insights has you covered!

Stats Popular Day and Hour

Of course, one of the best things that you can do to improve the numbers on your Insights page is to post more frequently. You’ll find a visualization of your posting trends right at the top of the page — one glance, and you can see how many posts you publish when.

Stats Post Activity

The stats that you’re used to seeing haven’t gone away. We’ve moved the Comments, Followers, Tags & Categories, and Publicize sections to the Insights page. Everything else is right where it was before, you’re still able to view the other modules by…

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Thinking Aloud: Why Iraq Isn’t Arming the Sunnis

Not What You Might Think

May 30, 2015 by Darius 

The word is that the United States is getting impatient with Iraq over the fight against ISIS.  Specifically, the US is unhappy that Iraq is taking baby steps, at best, towards creating a strong Sunni fighting force to go against ISIS.  But the question remains: why on Earth would the Iraqi government do such a thing?

Despite periodic rhetoric to the contrary, Iraq’s government remains dedicated first and foremost to maintaining the dominant position of the country’s Shia majority.  Although Iraq’s Shias have long been numerically dominant, the country has been ruled by the Sunni minority for centuries.  Made-in-USA democracy brought the Shias to power in 2005.  Ever since, the Shias have been intent on consolidating their hold on power, and the Sunnis have been both ticked off and often downright oppressed.  It is interesting to compare the map of the 2005 Iraqi parliamentary…

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Worries in life are like a Glass of Water you hold?


Shatter your glass of worries! Shatter your glass of worries!

Why is a smile soo important? what can it change? these were the questions a friend of mine (who helped me start this blog) asked me after reading the first post, and i said “you ll see in the next post”. (i was so happy i have at least one follower 😛 ).
I actually googled “smile” :P. (idk what i was thinking 😛 )
“A smile is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth.” (yeah! i think i can become a smile scientist 😛 )
People smile when they are happy ( like duh! ) and also seeing a person smile makes you smile back, chemically (yeah i’m talking all the hormones!!) making you happy!

Read this short story-
Once a psychology professor walked around on a stage while teaching stress management principles to a auditorium…

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Do You Need Glasses? Check Out Your Eyes Online !



If you want to test your eyes at home so it would open the following Web site:


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How To Earn Money By Blogging

A Mixture Of Periodicals


“How to Earn Money by Blogging” eBook is a breath of fresh air to the Entrepreneurial world, and is here to shift our thinking about making money. Learn step by step about blogging with the help of screen shots.

People say you need to learn from experience; I say that’s too expensive. You must learn from other people’s experience and don’t repeat those same mistakes. Isn’t that more intelligent?

We assure you this book will not be like anything you’ve ever read, and we will talk about the things in a way you may have never heard before, we might say things that will rub you the wrong way, make you mad, make you question your past beliefs, and interrupt your normal thought patterns.

The author

Blogging 2

A visionary, game changer, speaker, author, mentor, and dedicated entrepreneur VivekDhungav is on a mission to shift our culture, and won’t stop until…

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ISIS Proved 2 Historic Facts ! / (1) The Arabs Are Blindly Divided And despise Each Other Venomously ! / (2) Islam Is Not A Peaceful Religion,It created The Bloodest Enmity Between Muslims Themselves ! / Paper Armies.(Post # 587)


Let the White House current national advisers read and comprehend .Let the liberal media speaks the truth.Let the disorientate world’s leaders acknowledge the bitter reality not to be like Ostriches hiding their heads in the SAND.

ISIS is exposing the denial of the present times and doing it savagely.Twenty Two Arab countries , a nation of 320 million Muslims , of 2.2 million soldiers and own 1/3 of world wealth are helpless to defeat this plague called ISIS.

DO ARAB HAVE PAPER ARMIES ? Where is their nationalism , their Islamic identity , their patriotism and their uniting faith ? ISIS is tearing their religion to pieces in front of their very eyes .The Arab gulf sheikdoms annually buy worth billions of dollars weapons,tanks,technology and fighter jest from the West ,from China ,from Russia to pile or to supply the Islamic extremists ? Saudi Arabia ,  lately been using it’s…

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